What is engineered flooring?

Engineered flooring is real wood flooring that adds value, warmth, and beauty to your home.  It is specifically designed to give you greater stability so it can be used over radiant floor heating and/or wider widths than traditional tongue and groove hardwood flooring.  It also is an efficient use of our natural resources.  Traditional hardwood flooring is one board becomes one piece of flooring.  We take one board and saw it into heavy wear layers so we can cover up to four times as much floor with one board.  This wear layer is comparable to that which you get in a traditional hardwood floor.  This means its heavy enough to stand up to everyday wear and tear and still be refinished multiple times if need be later in its life.

Most people that are unfamiliar with hardwood flooring equate engineered flooring to laminated flooring. Laminated flooring is not real wood. It is a picture of wood glued to pressed sawdust and does not increase the value of your home. This is not the case with Arbor Valley Flooring.

Have you ever seen a realtor list a home as having 'laminate floors throughout'?

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