At Arbor Valley Flooring, we prefer to manufacture with North American Species that have natural variations for our engineered hardwood floors.

What is engineered flooring?

Engineered flooring is real wood flooring that adds value, warmth, and beauty to your home.  It is specifically designed to give you greater stability so it can be used over radiant floor heating and/or wider widths than traditional tongue and groove hardwood flooring.  It also is an efficient use of our natural resources.  Traditional hardwood flooring is one board becomes one piece of flooring.  We take one board and saw it into heavy wear layers so we can cover up to four times as much floor with one board.  This wear layer is comparable to that which you get in

How do I maintain an Arbor Valley Hardwood Floor?

A Hardwood floor is very easy to maintain and keep looking beautiful. Most times either sweeping or vacuuming is all you need. A swiffer type product also works well. If your floor needs more cleaning than that we recommend a DAMP mop only. A wood floor should never be soaked or flooded with water. If your floor does get wet from a spill or other means dry the water with a rag, sponge or mop as soon as possible.

Does Arbor Valley Flooring come with a warranty?

Yes we have a lifetime warranty on our products. For full details, please read or print our warranty or you may contact us and we will mail you a copy.

We also supply a printed copy of our warranty with every order.

Can I get a floor with various board widths?

Yes we can do various board widths for flooring patterns like Herringbone aka Parquet pattern Wood Flooring.

We can help you create various patterns. Contact us with your questions.

What widths and lengths do you offer the wood flooring in?

We offer flooring in widths starting at 3" and up to 9.5". While we have standard widths, we would be happy to supply you with custom widths also. You may even mix widths in a floor for example a 3", 5" and 7".

Our engineered wood planks run in lengths 7'3” and down to 2'. Most of our flooring has an average length of over 4'. Fixed lengths and special lengths for patterns and designs on a floor are available also.

View some of our hardwood floor products.

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